A fast-paced comic adventure for ages 2+ written by Oliver Award Winning Playwright Mike Kenny, presented for the first time to Australian audiences in Sydney, Australia.

Produced by Drop Bear Theatre
Presented by Tamarama Rock Surfers
Writer Mike Kenny
Director Ali Gordon
Designer Kate Gaul
Sound designer Scott Gillespie
Lighting designer Christopher Page
With Matthew Barker and Cienda McNamara
Featuring live band Kubaterra and Scott Gillespie

“Meet Trouble. Trouble is a toddler. It’s not his real name. But it’s what everyone calls him. You can guess why.
Meet Mum. It’s not her real name. But it’s what Trouble calls her. You can guess why.”

This show is a fast paced comic adventure for everyone aged 2+. Watching toddler and mum on stage, every parent will chuckle knowingly and every child will be sent on a rip-roaring escapade through recognition, fear and delight.

See the original script of Olivier Award winning UK playwright Mike Kenny debut on the Australian stage along with live music and cabaret style songs that’ll send Adele home weeping.

And guess what? You might just discover that the big bad world isn’t so bad after all – at least not when you’ve got someone to hold your hand.