A live, online performance style game for audiences ages 3-8

First presented by Riverside Theatres and Merrigong Theatre as part of the SpotOn(line) Children’s Festival 2021

Devised and performed by Ali Gordon and Alicia Gonzalez
With technical support from Patrick Flynn, Rose Maher, Corey Potter, David Stephens, Charlotte Wiltshire

Here we are in cupboard of clothes
Stuck, lost in our own wardrobes
Each of us wondering “what is inside”?
Is your room as messy as mine?
Bits, bobs… all sorts of odd things
Join the dots…
Do you see what’s missing?

Meet the Clown. She has lost something.
What is this something that has gone?

Can you help her? 

Together, at home, you can play along in this performance style game, presented LIVE online via Zoom.  In this interactive screen experience, the performers talk directly with your children and invite everyone to participate using props from around your house. Together with the Clown, young audiences will expand their developing understanding of empathy and what it is to have a thought.

Both hilarious and deeply moving, audiences will journey with the Clown to dive inside of ourselves into where feelings are made, thoughts are born and loneliness can be shared.

Can you make a clown laugh?

“Fabulous!!!! So much fun!” – Ella and Flora’s Mum (Sydney)

“They want to watch it again!” – Raph and Robyn’s Dad (Sydney)

Best suited for audience ages 3-8, but made to be enjoyed together by the whole family. If you are separated by distance: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and special friends, this is the perfect opportunity to share a theatre outing with the young people in your life and create new memories together.