A heartwarming adventure story for audiences aged 8+, commissioned by Drop Bear Theatre in partnership with Caleb Lewis and first presented to theatre audiences in 2011.

Made for children and adults alike – Daily Telegraph, Sydney

Produced by Drop Bear Theatre
Presented by The Seymour Centre
Director Ali Gordon
Writer Caleb Lewis
Sound designer and live musician Scott Gillespie
Designers Marin Curach and Tomy KC Leung
Lighting design Sophie Kurylowicz
Art Matt Huynh
With Andrew Brackman, Tim Kurylowicz, Sarah Lockwood, Margot Politis and Carolyn Ramsey

When Aleksander journeys to the hallowed city of Robotika he is struck by the technological marvels of the Steam Age. Box-headed industrials have liberated the townspeople from work, but in this lonely city Aleksander can find no one with whom to play. When he spies hardworking industrial Daisy secretly playing with his toys, he knows he has found a friend. But why is this friendship forbidden? As Alexander and Daisy escape deep into the heart of Robotika, they will soon discover the truth. Drop Bear Theatre tell this unsettling story of friendship and courage on stage for audiences aged 8+.