Cupboard Clowns

Keep your family having fun this lockdown.

Join the Cupboard Clowns as we play with your kids every Saturday in the Sydney lockdown, live on Zoom.

Theatre performers Ali Gordon and Alicia Gonzalez put their professional skills to work and shape a unique performance every week with your family.

Bring a weekly theatre ‘outing’ into your family home by joining Ali and Alicia on Zoom as they hide in small spaces to make big stories. In this interactive screen experience, the artists talk directly to your children and invite everyone to participate using props from around your house.

We all spend so much time on our screens, especially during lockdown. But what if your screen could talk back to you? We’ll be asking your family to get your ipad and head under the dining table, under the bed, or into the bathroom, while we plot and plan a theatrical adventure together indoors. We all want more opportunity to play and engage, but there is currently huge pressure on parents to be the source of all things creative in the home. This experience will allow parents to kick up the heels for a while, and let some professional theatre performers take the reins.

It’s going to be silly and it’s going to be fun.

What the world needs now, is Cupboard Clowns.

Ali Gordon and Alicia Gonzalez

Coming together gives this creative duo 40 years of performance experience between them. While they started their training on different sides of the globe, Alicia at Lecoq in Paris France and Ali at Flinders Drama Centre in Adelaide, the duo have found themselves in Greater Sydney collaborating most recently on “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” stage and online performances. Recently, they have created work for Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, and many locations in and around regional and metropolitan Australia. Both women have started their own independent theatre companies: Drop Bear Theatre for children and families and Choo-Choo Troupe of fools, continuing their quest to foster connection and play in Australian culture. They teach budding clown-artists of every age from children through to the elderly and Alicia runs Sydney’s own The Clown Insitute.

Both artists are proud to use their craft to serve community as Therapeutic Clowns who visit children in hospital, and the elderly who have dementia and experience social isolation. The primary objective of their performances is to build interpersonal connections using visual poetry and clown.

Ali and Alicia are uniquely placed to work as catalysts for building connection in the Covid-19 era. Now, they are Cupboard Clowns.

Ticket information

Ticket prices We have priced our shows at the same price as 5 Magnum Icecreams from the service station ($30 per show) Or half a term of swimming lessons ($100 for all 4 shows).

Unwaged tickets We have lost our employment during COVID19, so we know how that impacts life. We have allocated some complimentary family season tickets to unwaged families. Please email alijanegordon[at] if this allocation is exhausted and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in.

Tickets no longer on sale